Jesus Invades George: : An Alternative History Luke Rhinehart



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Jesus Invades George: : An Alternative History  by  Luke Rhinehart

Jesus Invades George: : An Alternative History by Luke Rhinehart
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Another favourite, I am quite partial to Luke Rhineheart. The story is in the tile- Jesus invades the body of George Bush. It starts with Jesus taking over George’s actions every time George opens his mouth. Then as George begins to mend his ways Jesus begins to take more of a backseat.The book hits the ground running and straight away George decides to withdraw all troops from Iraq. I actually laughed out loud (which is rare for me) at some of the scenes in this book.

All you have to do is imagine what would happen if Jesus really did invade the body of one of our modern day politicians. His encounters with other politicians, terrorist and his wife are priceless.Whilst this is a really funny book it has to be noted that there is a darker side. Whilst I laughed virtually the whole way through by the time it ended I also felt a little bit depressed. It takes a really candid look at the wars that have been waged on the Middle East and the pointless waste of life and money that the war has led to.

It puts across interesting ideas on what a country could do if they just stopped fighting and spending all their money on weapons. You could say well I don’t live in America but really is the UK that far behind in the stupidity stakes. I think not.It’s a sad fact that politics really is corrupt and nothing to do with human interest. It would be great to think that there is a point in time when we will stop engaging in mindless fighting but I think the riots across the world in 2011 pretty much show otherwise.So all in all read it because it is funny and makes a really good point all at the same time.

Pretty rare qualities if you ask me.

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